Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 Review: Dual SIM 3G Android Budget Smartphone

Galaxy S Duos S7562 is a first mid range Android smartphone with Dual SIM. It has a appearance of Galaxy S3 and the hardware of Galaxy S and Dual SIM. 4 inch screen, 1 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM and 5 MP Camera are some of the notable features of Galaxy S Duos.

It is Galaxy S1 with Dual SIM and LED Flash minus AMOLED Display. Catch more details in Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 Review

Galaxy S Duos S7562 Review

Design and Appearance

At first look, your eyes may get mistaken for calling it Galaxy S3. I posted a photo on Facebook and asked our fans to guess the name and to my surprise 60+ % of people commented that it is S3. It has a pebble shape and full plastic body and little bit heavier in weight than S3 and even Galaxy S.

Four inch screen isn’t edge to edge and the home button is similar to other Galaxy series phones. Thickness is exactly as the Galaxy S i9000.


TFT Capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 480×800 gives a superfine display. In sunlight however, it went completely dark at mid level brightness and somewhat readable in full brightness. It lacks Auto Brightness.


Galaxy S duos boasts the traditional but nice TouchWiz UI. It is easy to manage apps, create folder and navigate. I wont talk much about this because you can always install beautiful custom Android Launchers and get features that you want.

Galaxy S Duos Interface


Not always does Samsung inserts bloatware on phone. On Galaxy S Duos, I found some really useful pre-installed apps. Calendar which is now called S Planner, Handy, My movies, My Music, Chat On and Samsung App Store of course.

Galaxy S Duos Movies and Music App

Handy and My Movies are the most noticeable apps and useful among the list. Handy is for booking movie, train, bus and aeroplane tickets along with support for Stock investments. While My Movies lets you watch full length movies. Yes, full movie streaming without any subscription completely free.

Google Play store is always open with millions of apps to choose from.

Camera / Photo / Image Capture Quality

Rear Camera is 5 MegaPixel with LED Flash which captures 2560×1920 px photos. It has Auto Focus means you cannot touch focus but the outcome is fairly good. I compared it with the photo quality of Galaxy S i9000 which has same 5MP camera and almost similar hardware configuration.

In dim light or window sunlight room, Galaxy S Duos doesn’t capture well without Flash. And when Flash is switched ON, somewhat unnatural photo is captured. Also, colors aren’t so well recognized in absence of bright light.

In sunlight too, the colors are somewhat dull and photo has noise.

At night or while capturing objects in dark, LED flash is powerful and reaches a distance at least 4-6 feet easily. Quality of night photos can be said just fine.

S Duos Camera LED Flash Sample

[alert-note]Click on the samples to view the enlarged original size of image[/alert-note]

Video Recording

Galaxy S Duos S7562 doesn’t support HD Videos capturing but VGA at 30 FPS. Resolution of videos captured is 640×480 in MP4 format. In bright light, quality of videos is fair and you can use LED Flash while video recording too during shooting in dark.

To be honest, Videos aren’t really appreciable.

Audio and Video Playback

Popular Audio and video formats even MKV are playable. It has one speaker at rear besides Camera which should be enough for individual listening. Headphone sound quality isn’t something to talk about.

Though, it doesn’t record HD videos but can playback full HD videos. 720p videos played smoothly while problem came when I tried 1080i videos. I tried Hardware acceleration on MX Player but still there were lags in playback. Still, the good thing is its compatibility with various video formats. If default player gives error, download MX Player.

Dual SIM Management

Galaxy S Duos S7562 is a GSM+GSM Dual SIM Dual Active Smartphone. One of a kind in this range and that too with 3G support. It can be called as the USP or X Factor of this phone, reason behind its sale.

Switching Network, Enabling or Disabling is seamless. Samsung has taken care to add this feature in notification bar itself. Dual Active feature is called as Smart Dual SIM and can be enabled optionally. Whenever one SIM is busy, we can receive call from another and the person calling will get “Waiting” tone instead of “Switch off” which happens with most of the Dual SIM Phones.

I didn’t face any issue while using this feature. And they have given option to name your SIM and icon too for easy recognition.

3G and Video Call

3G services can be accessed from any one of the SIM Network at a time. You can choose the SIM from which Data Service has to be received from “SIM Manager” in settings.

Front Camera is VGA and it is just fine for video callings. I didn’t try 3G video call but on Skype, it was fine.


With 1 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM memory, Android ICS 4.0.4 runs smooth. Multitasking was seamless. I didn’t try heavy graphics games but Contra for Android and Fruit Ninja worked fine. Still, I think it should be capable for running most of the games as hardware power is enough to cope up the load.

Check out the Quadrant score comparison of Galaxy S1 and Galaxy S Duos

Galaxy S Duos Benchmark Test - Quadrant Score

Battery Life

Galaxy S Duos has 1500 mAh Battery. You may feel that being a Dual SIM Android phone with 3G and 4 inch display, it won’t last long but that’s not completely true. It lasted for more than 12 hours for me with activities including 3G, Display most of time was ON as I was testing, video playback and streaming around 45 minutes and few calls of just 20 minutes.

Being Android user from last 3 years I admit that smartphones don’t offer a 2 day long battery but you can still improve it to last at least for a day. Here’s everything to know about increasing Android Battery backup and Calibration.


Before drawing out any conclusion, let me tell you that I bought it at a price of Rs. 15,700 from retail outlet. And I would say that it is the best and value for money phone in the market with Dual SIM functionality at the moment. If you are looking for Dual SIM active phone within 15-18K price range with standard features, Galaxy S Duos is worth every penny spent.

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Mayank - September 26, 2012

Really, the best affordable (S3 looking) phone a man (also women :P) can get. πŸ˜€

    Rohit Langde - September 26, 2012

    Remember the tagline “Designed for Humans” πŸ˜›

      Ajitem Sahasrabuddhe - September 26, 2012

      Oh Dang! Now I won’t be able to buy one for my dog. πŸ™

        Sourojit Nandi - September 27, 2012

        HUH, Ur DOG deserves an Apple..

      Mayank - September 26, 2012

      Ofcourse that’s why included (S3 looking), This phone should have that tagline – “Designed for Humans”.. πŸ˜›

eT - September 27, 2012


I just wonder if I could insert two SIMs, use one SIM for speaking and SMS messages and the other one for data – at the same time.

I have a company phone without data connection. I would like to use this one for speaking.

I have another SIM card just for data access but no speaking.

If this phone can support two SIMS working at the same time, that would be a dream come true for me:)

Thank you in advance for your response.


    Rohit Langde - September 27, 2012

    Yes, You can use 2 SIMs at a time for any purpose.
    Both SIMs are active by default for call purposes. However, you can set one of the SIM for Data Services from “SIM Manager” in settings.

      Sanjay - October 5, 2012

      Hi Rohit,

      Recently bought Samsung s7562 dual sim phone ,
      using Reliance and Airtel services
      But smart dual sim function is not working ,
      can u please guide me how to activate and from where to get all the details,send me the link,
      As on samsung site no user guide is provided for s 7562.


achyut - September 27, 2012

not a good choice. at ALL.
i don’t feel good about this trend of manufacturers trying to DECEIVE a potential customer with cells of this type. HTC (Desire VC,Desire V), LG (L7) , Samsung (Galaxy DUOS) -> all of them have made good looking shells, stuffed a good UI and are virtually selling a “3+ YEAR OLD” OBSOLETE PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY.
the cortex A5 7227 and adreno 200 is NOT good. at all. it is just an overclocked “X10 mini” combo.
ever thought why a 1 GHz cell is not able to encode 720p? not able to decode 720p?
the perceived “speedy operation” is ONLY software optimization (ICS).

Do not, DO NOT get these cells. u will regret in future. this tech will be obsolete VERY soon. Even Genuine 1 Ghz cells are lagging behind now, let alone these “flukes”.

if you have a similar budget, better get yesteryear good cells like the Optimus Black (I had it until recently, and can guarantee it’s one of the best money can buy in this range), the 2011 Xperias (my FAV is the RAY and Xperia PRO) , or the likes.

was just sharing my word of caution, hope Rohit won’t mind. πŸ™‚

    Rohit Langde - September 27, 2012

    Hi Achyut, Thanks for sharing your views. I really don’t mind reading someone’s views as neither I am ADVERTISING this phone nor a SAMSUNG employee.
    I would like to add something on this “obsolete technology” point. I admit that the device runs on 1 GHz is so 2009 but manufacturers have to do something in order to lower the end price.
    Personally, I am using Galaxy S (3 year old stuff) which lags at some places but on other hand, it is capable of doing most of the important stuffs and run necessary apps. Not officially but it even runs Jellybean 4.1 seamlessly so I can enjoy all the novelties of upgrade.
    Optimus Black is no doubt a good suggestion but considering the need of Dual SIM, I couldn’t see any better option in this range.
    Talking about HD recording, how often do we have to shoot videos? Honestly, I may have done it hardly 10-12 times since I have got a smartphone.
    Anyways, each one has their own purpose and perception behind the purchase.

      achyut - September 28, 2012

      no, i never said that “1 Ghz – 512 MB RAM” is obsolete tech. it is old tech. but the cortex A5 architecture used in the cells I mentioned is an obsolete tech.
      Optimus Black was just an example. by saying that, I meant about that bracket of Op. Bl., Xperia Arc, Ray, SGS I9000, Desire HD, etc; and not specifically Optimus Black.
      and of Custom ROMs, yes, most of them run it without any problem. Op. Bl is running CM7,9,10, AOSP, AOKP, Paraniod and host of other ROMs without any problem. I successfully ported over the firmware of PRADA 3.0 phone by LG to the Black (my previous cell) and the SGS Advance (my current crop). the point is, they can run that smoothly. whereas, similar ports will give UI hiccups on the cells as the S Duos or the L7.
      but THAT is the key. to run problem free. do you think that even if JB is ported over to these cells, it will give the “Project butter” a justice?? do you think the Adreno 200 can run the UI (that too on a WVGA screen) at constant 60fps? am almost 100% sure it’s a “NO”.
      by mentioning about Video Encoding and decoding, i tried to point at the power of the processor (or rather the lack of it), and was not trying to poke at the camcorder or the video player itself. :p

      nevertheless, the key point would be the “Dual SIM” capability. indeed. this is perhaps the best Dual SIM around with that similar Desire V/VC/watever by HTC.

      share your views on this.

Tina - October 1, 2012

Just to clarify my doubts and be sure, because I’m planning to buy this one, can this device play 720p HD videos? Though I am layman about tech things, I doubt if a device with resolution of 480Γ—800 pixels can play 720p :-/
Well I don’t need 1080p full HD videos but really want to see 720p yify ripped movies in my phone πŸ˜›

    Rohit Langde - October 2, 2012

    Hello Tina,
    Screen resolution has not much to do with video rendering capability and smartphones generally have this 480Γ—800 px resolution.
    To clear your doubt, I would again like to tell that the phone plays 720P videos seamlessly. In case there are problem those will only be there because of unusual format. So, Download MX Player from Play Store (Free) and you are ready to play almost all video formats too in any resolution.

Sudhakar - October 10, 2012

Hi Guys,

Please any one clarify my doubt
I thought to buy Samsung s7562 dual Sim phone , i check with outlet vendor, the outlet person advice that the smart dual Sim function will not work for Airtel and BSNL network service provider

(I already had a call with Samsung customer care, the ask to check with service provide(airtel), so i check with airtel customer care, they ask to check with Samsung customer care)

can u please guide me who is the right person to clarify my doubt


Shivram.K - November 9, 2012

I just purchased this phone, and my observation is
1. The phone comes with 768 MB Ram and not 512 as mentioned.

My question here is
I would like to monitor the data usage. Since I can swap between the SIM’s , the OS only records the data usage overall on an aggregrate. How Do I monitor the usage SIM wise

Any suggestions will be appreciated

Shivanandana Hegde - November 12, 2012

Hi Rohit, First of all … Good review… I too own this phone… But there is a memory problem with this phone. Samsung says 4GB of int memory.. But only 1.7GB is available. Plus the biggest draw back is that we can’t move apps to SD card. !!! πŸ™

Anyone, Please let me know if there is a way to move apps to SD card.

shailesh - November 14, 2012

i am using nokia E 6 from last 2 years. i normally use phone for messaging and internet. does phone allows to make folders as nokia does? in message folders is there icon My Folders where we can make as many required & save our regular requirements ? please let me know so that i can buy samsung s duos s7562

S DUOS latest victim - December 2, 2012

I never normally give negative reviews about any product. But time has come for me to give for this product as I am going
through the Pain (Yes it’s true) of using this so called Smartphone in past weeks. This will save you from the Mesmerizing & Misleading TV Commercials that the Leading Mobile manufacturer Samsung(Aapke Paas Nahi Hai Kya UNCLE/Desh Smart Ban Raha Hai Aap kab Banoge).

I am going to share the reasons for NOT Buying this product one by one so that they will clear the aspects/details about this product from inside out.

1)Music: Now-a-days very cheap mobiles are also having very good Music Players and come with a Decent headset. Here in this mobile, Music Player seems to be good. But the problem comes when you try to hear a full song. You can clearly observe Song breaks once in every 1-15 seconds randomly. Also, the headset that they have provided gives Output of Lowest clarity. The two above reasons will ensure that you will never listen Songs in your phone. very Smart Phone it is.

2)Dual Sim Functionality: Even though Dual Sim functionality works fine it is not so User Friendly to change settings and there are no dynamic features/settings to decide through which SIM Call/SMS has to be sent. One more great feature is SIM1 network is always POOR compared to SIM2 even though SIM1 network might be the Stronger Network in the place of test. Also, they have given DUAL SIM ACTIVE Mode but with a ClichΓ© that Phone might not function as well compared to DUAL SIM Standby Mode. If phone does not work well in any given Mode, why to Deliver that mode to Customers. Is it to Fool the? Another great Smartphone tactic.

3)Performance: The less I say about performance, the better it is! Samsung team, please don’t forget that any Phone’s(including Smartphones) primary purpose is to Make/Receive Calls. The primary reason why we feel convenient to make calls with Cellphones is because of Memory where we Store phone numbers by name and we can dial with Single Click/Touch and thereby save time. In this so called Smartphone, the toughest thing is to dial a number in Quick time. If you want to Dial a Number, you unlock screen by swiping wait for 2 sec, then click on Phone Button again wait for 2-5 sec(depending on your luck), then search for the phone number/contact which will take some more seconds and then you have permission to dial. I can bet if you know/have the number you can dial faster in a Landline phone faster/easily. Performance of other functions follow the same patter. I don’t want to get into those details now. What is the use of a Smartphone which irritates user when he is using the Most Important Function of a Phone-Making Calls!

4)Applications: Any Android phone has option of Moving Apps to SD card. This was my perception until I starting using this
phone. Alas! it was not true. This does not have that option. If you pay big bucks thinking that Samsung the leading Mobile
phone manufacturer will give a great phone without compromise will land into troubles like this. Another Smart feature.

So, please don’t fall prey to TV Commercials of Samsung and think that every Samsung Smartphone is really Smart or great. Check for reviews and test the Mobile in showroom and then only buy the mobile as the Price is not so less for these Smartphones of Samsung.

Thanks for reading this Long review and I want to conclude with an ironic statement ‘Don’t just buy a Smartphone and think that you have become SMART. Instead you should be Smart and apply your senses(including common sense) and then buy a Smartphone. Then only our DESH will come SMART’

viswamkn - December 4, 2012

I have purchased S Duos one month back.

(1) I experience, while talking on one sim the other sim is not getting any call. The call other end gets msg that the mobile is switched off or out of range. Both the sims are activated and one of them is activated for data use. How to set both the sims active.

(2) I am not getting any indication of incoming call beep while talking, on both sims.

(3) The handset is slow running even if after the ram is cleared. Most of the time 18-20 applications are running and use >400 mb ram capacity.

Request a solution to the problem

Pranita - May 2, 2013

Can u pls with help me with something…
I just got this phone and m not able to use 3G in my phone.. Is there an option somewer to enable it or disable 2G… I’m nt able to find it… !!!
Pls help!

shashank - June 23, 2013

rohit..i cant play 720p video song in my galaxy s duos.i also download mx layer but it cant display the video…… just audio listening….plss help me dude…….

tanvir - April 28, 2014

hi …..
i have problem….
how can enable my 3g network on my gt-s7562….
please help me…i have 3g mb too…


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