Save Documents and Texts Automatically at Specified Time Intervals

Have you ever lost you data in Microsoft Office or any text editor while working on it and having an accidental system crash? Well, this is one situation that we face time to time. To avoid we have to manually save it using hotkey Ctrl+S or using the save button after every update. But this method is sometimes too much irritating as there are times when we may forget.

Earlier we had covered TinyPad which follows the principle “Save as you type“, but it is not always possible to carry such applications with you. In situations like this AutoSaver comes in handy.

AutoSaver itself is not a text editor but it is a simple and portable windows application that helps you to save any text or document automatically. It provides simple options to work with a single main window.

AutoSaver allows you to specify a time interval when it should automatically save your documents. This application works with every text editor and applications which uses Ctrl+S to save its updates. Hence it is extremely useful at times when you are on editing text works or writing big programs. It can also help saving image file editing from time to time as Ctrl+S is also used there.

Though this application is really helpful, closing it before browsing will be advisable as it will trigger save webpage after the specified interval and it might be irritating.

Download: AutoSaver

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