Save Files on Dropbox or Email directly without downloading on Computer

Instead of downloading a file to Computer and then uploading elsewhere is laborious job. Did you always wanted Cloud to Cloud Transfer which lets you send files from URL directly to Dropbox or as Email attachment? This skips saving a file on local computer or mobile device.

sideCLOUDload is a web service which lets you do this free of charge. Just go to and it’s one step process to send file.

In Source URL, you have to specify the file to be downloaded (to be saved in Dropbox) followed by Dropbox Login details. This URL can be obtained by selecting “Copy Link Location” in Right Click Menu.

Folder where this file would be saved can also be specified or it will be saved in a new folder called ” sideCLOUDload”.

In case you are sending this file as email, just specify the email address and the file will be sent as attachment.

sideCLOUDload also offers Bookmarklet for Web browser which makes transferring more rapid.

In short, SideCLOUDload is an interesting timesaver web application for real comfort.

Is it secure?

SideCLOUDload doesn’t save your password but offers option to save it on your web browser. Moreover, in case of Email transfer, just Email ID is required and not password.

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