Save Multiple Text Snippets and Images in extended Clipboard

When you copy or cut something, it is stored in Windows Clipboard which can be pasted wherever you want. But, if you copy something else something after that, Former is replaced by later one. So, Only one thing at a time can be stored in clipboard. But, Extended clipboard can manage multiple strings of text and images, saving them for later use.

For example: If you want to have selected text to be copied from a document, you will have to move back and forth after copying particular text and pasting it. Copy Pasting again and again will take more time so, PasteCopy.NET is a clipboard expander, ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time copy-pasting and is tired of going back and forth between windows.

paste copy

The program expands the capabilities of the original Clipboard, allowing you to save multiple text snippets at the same time, and even images. Just make sure you create at least one category before you start copying things, because otherwise they won’t be saved.

My Verdict: Memory of this Clipboard is practically unlimited and organizing is very easy.  But, you will always need to open the program manually and doesn’t execute automatically after copying text or image string.

Download: PasteCopy.NET

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