Save Open Tabs and ReOpen Them on Any Browser with Surfon

There are situations where we have to move from one computer to another. If browsing the internet is our primary purpose, we need to reopen all the tabs in another browser. The scenario gets worse when working with a dozen of tabs in one session.

What about sending all your tabs open in your browser window to another browser or computer? Mailing all the links opened in the browser might be a solution but is that an ideal way? Here is a smart way to address this issue. Surfon lets you to save all the opened tab online.

What is Surfon all about?

Surfon is a free web service that lets users to send tabs across browsers and devices. It allows the user to save opened tabs in browser through an online Surfon account and provides plug-ins for widely used browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari

Surfon Account

Click here to get directed to the Surfon Home page. Create an account and download the Surfon plug-in for the respective browser you are working on.

Now you can see the surfon icon a small “S” at the top right corner of the browser. Clicking on it will display three options.

  • Save tab
  • Save tabs
  • Load tab

Now you can save all tabs by clicking on the S icon and hitting the save tabs options.

Clicking the saved tab option will display all the saved tabs. Once you are logged in from another computer, just download the surfon plug-in and you are ready to get your tabs.

Now you can see all the saved tabs. Clicking on each item will load that tab alone. To load all the tabs click the surfon icon and select the third option i.e load tabs. For convenience Surfon also allow you to load tabs in new window.


Surfon is a very simple and indeed the utility for your browser that allows you to access your browser tabs on the go. It not only allows you to access tabs on different browsers but also can be useful while working on different Operating Systems and devices.

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