How to Save WhatsApp Conversations on Computer

Almost everyone who has Smartphone uses WhatsApp for free text messaging. Conversation or Chat logs can be backed up and saved on Phone itself for transferring to another phone but what if you want to save WhatsApp Conversation on Computer.

Following the procedure given in this article, you would be able to save WhatsApp Conversation on Computer along with Attachments, Smileys. Also, they can be viewed in tabular format according to contact names like you see in phone.

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Though, I have demonstrated and made tutorial considering Windows Computer and Android Phone, you can do it Linux or Mac too even with iPhone.

Things you need:

  1. Rooted Android Smartphone
  2. File Manager with Root Support (Ghost Commander Tool)
  3. ActivePython installed on Windows Computer. Download here for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  4. Whatsapp Xtract tool

Follow the procedure only when you have downloaded and installed above things.

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How to Save Whatsapp Chat Conversation on Computer

  1. Open Ghost Commander File Manager on Android Phone and navigate to /datadata/com.whatsapp/database
    (In case of ICS, it is /datadata but it may be /data/data in previous Android versions)
  2. Copy wa.db and  msgstore.db to SD Card so that you can later transfer them to Computer.
    How to Save WhatsApp Conversation on Windows Computer
  3. Extract Whatsapp Xtract Tool archive to any folder on Computer.
  4. Run as administrator “!install pyCrypto.bat” file from this extracted archive directory.
  5. Copy wa.db and msgstore.db file to this directory. When asked to overwrite, replace existing files.
  6. Open “whatsapp_xtract_android” which will generate HTML file from database.
  7. Open this newly made file in any web browser to see Whatsapp conversations.
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How to Save WhatsApp Conversation on Computer

For iPhone, procedure remains same but only difference is in database file location. On iPhone, get this file:
(You can use an iPhone Backup Tool to get the file, e.g. I-Twin or Iphone Backup Extractor. Make sure to create an unencrypted backup with Itunes, as these tools can’t handle encrypted backups. Another possibility are forensic tools like UFED Physical Analyzer.)

Do you really need to save Whatsapp conversations on Computer this way? I would prefer using ‘Email Conversation’ feature of Whatsapp which is easy and straightforward.

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Ian - October 11, 2013

Hi Rohit, Great video! Thanks for sharing. I want to know if it’s possible to view Whatsapp messages on my pc for my blackberry phone? I realized that the files names are different. I would greatly appreciate any assistance that you can give me? Thanks, Ian.


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