Search and Bulk Delete Files by Type, Date and Size from Multiple Locations

Downloading or copying files from other sources is a task that we perform almost everyday. When time comes to clean these files we have to manually search them to delete. By default windows does not provide any option to delete files according to their time stamps or size.

The only best thing that you can do is sort files according to creation dates. This option do not work that well when we want to delete files from all places in a drive. Doing this manually will take lot of time. Delete Files By Date is a nice application that can be used to perform this job.

Delete Files By Date is a windows freeware application that can easily search and delete files from system. It provides search criteria according to type, date and size of the files. It is extremely easy to use and provides advance filters to make your searches precise.

To make it work you have to provide a file type that you want to search for, if you want to search files of all type then this field can be left empty. File dates can be selected between creation, modification and last access dates. To make your search criteria vast, you can also select a range of dates between which files can be searched. If you want to search for files with specific size range within the dates already set, you can use the size filter else the field can be left untouched.

When above things are set, you have to add locations to search with the criteria. Here you can set multiple locations on your local disk or even USB devices connected to your system. You can then find specified files that you have given is search criteria. This search result appear at the bottom of the application and you can select multiple files using the CTRL or SHIFT keys and delete them.

This is an extremely useful application that helps a lot is saving our time and also from undergoing tiresome work of manually finding files from each and every location. This application works flawlessly and you can also password lock it to prevent unauthorized access.

Download Delete Files By Date(4.05MB)

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