Search and Direct Download DOC, PDF, Presentations in Firefox

Searching for document files on internet is a common thing that we do time to time. When we are not sure about where to get the document we generally take help of Google search. This search generally shows lot of sites which you can visit to find out the document that you require. Finally you may have gone through many irrelevant sites before getting the right location to download a small file. OutWit Docs is a firefox add-on that helps to solve this situation.

OutWit Docs resides beside the search bar and will help you find documents in two ways either you can click its icon after opening the site where you want to search or you can directly enter the site name in it. If you are not sure about where to find the document, you can use the search engine option and search for the document name.

It supports most document formats and displays the search result in the main window. Taking the mouse cursor over the file will show all information regarding the file. You can directly download the document or catch it for later download. Just right click on the file to get download and other options.

You can also narrow your search by selecting lesser formats, or set number of pages to be searched, this add-on also has an auto save feature and the download location can be predefined.

My Verdict

This is a very useful add-on and can save a lot of time for us.

Download: OutWit Docs Firefox add-on

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