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Subtitles are the overlaying text on videos generally used as translated language text so that you understand any regional movie in different language which you don’t know. Many a times you get subtitle inside movie archive but if not then Finding subtitles with proper synchronization can be a problem so, here is a site called Subtitle Sync to make this job easy.

Subtitle Sync lets you find subtitles of Movies and TV shows instantly and makes it available for ready download. This site doesn’t only allows you to download subtitles but also you can merge, split and perform synchronizing operations.

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Apart from popular Format SRT (Sub rip) you can download subtitles in various formats like SubRip [*.srt] , Mpl2 [*.sub], SubStation Alpha [*.ssa], Advanced SubStation Alpha [*.ass], DVD Subtitle System [*.txt], Adobe Encore DVD [*.txt], Ulead DVD Workshop 2 [*.txt], SubCreator 1 [*.txt], SonicDVD Creator [*.sub], SAMI Captioning [*.smi] and TMPlayer [*.txt]

Site: SubtitleSync

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