Search Files in Windows Faster without Indexing Files

Searching for specific files is a common scenario when we have a large capacity storage drive and forget the location of copied files. For this purpose windows provides a search functionality which is handy but upto a certain level. This functionality may not be convenient for everyone as it is not very fast, moreover Windows file search requires files to be indexed to provide a fast searching. Indexing files consumes a larger space on hard drives which is again a problem for users running low on disk space. In situations like this Ultra Search is extremely helpful.

Ultra search is a windows freeware, portable application that provides faster searches with relevant results and is not heavy on system resources. It is easy to use and has extremely simple user interface.

This application differs from windows default file search as in the default technique files are indexed for faster search but in Ultra Surf there is not need to index files. It works directly with Master File Table to achieve greater search speed and no disk space consumption. It provides a simple search bar where files names can be given, at bottom you can select drive/drives to search the files from them. It gives information on file path, size, last access and last change.

Apart from searching files Ultra Search also provides useful functionality like save list, copy to clip board and print list. There are both versions, installer as well as portable which will benefit users to easily carry it and search files on others systems.

Download Ultra Search (2.58MB)

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