Search Lost Old Image Attachments in Email and Download All Photos

Today, my colleague asked me whether I have a copy of photos of graduation party held in mid 2011. I mailed him already but the problem was he couldn’t find them in Mailbox. Reason is- Inbox keeps on bulking up gradually and without proper search technique, it becomes difficult to search lost photo attachments in email.

How to Find Lost Photos from Email

Here are two methods which I followed one after another to find lost photos in Email Account.

1. Use Advanced Search Option in Inbox

Email services like Gmail has good Advanced search which lets you narrow down your search with filters. You can specify the receiver’s email, Date, check attachment and find lost photos in email.

Gmail Advance Search Feature

This doesn’t guarantee finding and still require manual effort to go through each result and check if those images are there.

2. Use Lost Photos Software

Lost Photos is a freeware which can find photos from any email account. Preview them then and there which makes it easy to find.

Install Lost Photos and use your Email Login details (Username and Password) and Press “Find my Photos” to start search for Photos in inbox.

Find lost photos Attachments in Email

It has filters like “Ignore small images” which would not include signature images and logos in email. And option to ignore images before specific date.

Search completes and thumbs of images are shown in app itself which can be scrolled and bigger preview could be see then and there.

From this stage, you can email or share photographs on Twitter or Facebook. Also, it is possible to open all the images found in search result in Explorer. Just click “Show Photos in Explorer to do that”.

Lost Photos support Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, Mac, Mobile Me and Google Apps email addresses.

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Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac too.

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