Search Movie Subtitles quickly from Right Click Context Menu

Most of us love to watch Movies on Computer and we all need subtitles while watching foreign language movie. It is not always that you get subtitles with the movie so, we have already listed sites to find movie subtitles but today, I am sharing a easiest way to find Movie subtitles in one click from right click context menu of file.subtitles finder on right click

What it actually does is lets you find and download subtitles for any movie in desired language based on the Title (Filename) of a Film. Just install it and whenever you click on Movie file and Look for Subtitles in selected languages. This will take you to a webpage listing available subtitles for your Movie.

Download the Subtitles in select languages and in case you don’t find the desired language then download the available one and translate it in any language you want using Instant Auto Subtitle Translator which uses Google Translate to perform this operation.

Download Subtitles 1.0

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Priyank Sharma - August 28, 2010

Works like a charm.

David - September 7, 2013

Try also Portitle, It is less automatic but support more search engines and movie hash function.


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