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Installing a good antivirus may give us a feeling of safety, this is not totally true. An antivirus specifically monitors files on your computer and keeps check on viruses, malware and other malicious softwares. But what about the security of your data when you are connected to a Local Area Network or surfing the internet, you may be exposed to hackers or people who try to steal your personal data. Though there is a firewall integrated with Windows, it does not provide sufficient security.

Comodo firewall is well known and most efficient among other free firewalls available today. It monitors your computer and network activities thoroughly in real time.

After installing Comodo firewall you will see Comodo icon on system tray. As you click on this icon the Home screen appears, on top of this screen there are Tasks that you can assign according to your usage. Tasks you can perform with comodo are:


Here you can configure all aspects of your firewall. This settings can be configured in two levels Common and Advanced tasks.

Common tasks:

Here you can view firewall events, define new trusted or blocked application, stealth port, view active connections, manage port sets, Manage network zones and view blocked Network zones.

Advanced tasks:

As the name suggests these settings should be used by advance and experienced users. Here you can manage network security policy, predefine firewall settings for selective group of applications, settings to prevent DOS attack and set firewall behavior to configure quick security and view alerts.


It is a host intrusion prevention system that constantly monitors the activities of all executable files present in your system. Only those executable files are allowed to run which get permission from you. It also prevents system crashes and data theft by preventing most types of buffer overflow attacks.

It also consists of two level configuration for tasks, Common and Advanced tasks.

Common tasks:

You can view defense events, add files to be protected from any kind of unauthorized access and modification, You can set files as blocked so that no process can access those files, view executable files that need your permission to run, add files to the trusted zone that will be always treated as trusted, view a list of all active processes running, specify trusted software vendors and protect registry keys and COM ports from being modified.

Advanced tasks:

These are advance defense settings used for viewing and editing defense policies, redefining security policies, controlling the Image Execution Control settings to select the level of monitoring and change the defense mechanism.


From here you can manage comodo settings like changing theme, setting password and configuring notification display method. Manage your customized configuration, submit any suspicious file that comodo notified you to comodo team and get more information about the file, you can even login to support forums if you face problems, and there is also a diagnostics tool to check errors reported by comodo. The auto update option lets you update comodo data bases to the latest available version.


U can quickly check your system status, network and proactive defense report and applications connected to network from here. This window is the default window that opens when u click on the comodo icon in the system tray.


Comodo has been on PC Magazine Online’s Editor’s Choice and has passed through all known leak tests. Using comodo for the first time may not seem easy as it keeps asking for granting permission to each executable file. Switching to installation mode during installing application will allow you to swiftly perform the work. I highly recommend using comodo firewall as I have been using it since a long time and with proper configuration it gives you maximum security.

Download Comodo internet security.

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ha14 - January 8, 2010

Yap I remembre all those rules that had to be corrected by the user to allow maximum fluency in pc and security, all the ports had to be configured one by one. But its a solid firewall.


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