Select The Word and Its Dictionary Meaning Will Pop Up on Browser

Google Dictionary is an extension of Google chrome browser. The finest extension for your browser that serves as an easy to use dictionary, especially while reading articles or E-books online. Just select the word and it pops out its meaning with a text, written inside a balloon and also with its audio pronunciation. You can click more for a detailed meaning of the word you have selected.


Installing Google Dictionary


Google Dictionary works only with one word at a time. Select one word & it will define it. Phrases or idioms can’t be defined. Also, this extension automatically translates the meaning into different languages. There is no support for regional languages yet.

You can also change the behavior of the extension. Double-Click or Hold CTRL & one Click on a word to define it. I have tried this extension and it simply works Great. The text in the balloon can also be selected and defined. So if you find an unknown word in the defined text, you can select that also and get its meaning.

This is a free extension & without too many options. It works perfectly in your browser & hardly gives any slow performance to your web surfing experience, instead it will add an ease to your reading articles on the go. Its audio pronunciation also works very well.

I recommend all of you to keep this in your browser, even though you may not be a keen reader but its helpful while reading anything on the web.

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