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Pando is a free, cross-platform program that lets you transfer files up to 1GB. Now, you can share heavy files up to 1 GB using Email or Instant messenger client. To use this service, both, the sender and the recipient have to download Pando.

There is no sign-up, no registration, no fee to use this service. You open this program, drag your file into pando open window and click Send. It asks you for Email address of recipient and off you go. The recipient gets a tiny attachment in their mailbox; click on it to launch Pando program, which begins file downloading. It’s servers are fast, the whole thing is anonymous and secure.

For People : It supports all popular Email service providers. Supported Email & IM clients are Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL, Skype, Outlook, Yahoo Messenger and Outlook. The free version maxes out at 1GB files; the upgrade costs $5 a month.

For Bloggers/Publishers :  You can post media on all popular web hosts such as Blogger, WordPress and RSS. Moreover, you can share files on Myspace, Facebook and PodCast. You can Stream full-screen HD video from your site, accelerate your downloadable media. It may reduce your Bandwidth bills upto 90%.

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Free File Hosting With Unlimited Bandwidth - June 16, 2008

So has anyone other than the poster given this a try, if so what was your result ?

Lama face - March 1, 2009

This thing dose work, sometimes complicated to use, but as mentioned after 1gig of info its $5 a month, Its worth it if you wish to send a Very large file(s). But if you useing it for everyday use its not worth it.

steven - March 11, 2009

Use to send FREE files up to 1GB.
Easy and fast!
Check it out, why should you pay for it?


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