How to Send Anonymous Emails

If you ever wanted to send email to someone without letting him know who sent it? There are Internet services online allowing you to send anonymous emails, so you can send messages to anyone without disclosing your true identity.

Note 2 Email

No need to register or signup when you can send notes and quick texts to email anonymously to any Email ID. Fill up Receiver’s Email ID and Title with brief message and Done!


Anonymouse AnonEmail sends email forwarding across multiple nodes multiple times, making it impossible to track.

With AnonEmail, you can insert recipient name and ID, subject and a brief text message. Unlike many other services AnonEmail does not register your IP address, however we recommend that you do not use this service for any illegal purpose.

anonymous email

Formmail Anonymous Mailer

What lacks in above service is that you cannot edit sender’s Email but with FormMail, you can specify Sender’s email ID too.

Developed by Infinite Monkeys & Company is a great alternative to the previous service. It also lets you choose from a list of 17 mail forwarding services of various countries. After sending, you can see the progress of your message through the different nodes.

The disadvantage is that Formmail Anonymous Mailer that it records your IP, so you have to be careful when doing anything.


Ability to edit Senders and Receiver’s Mail ID and what more? You get Rich text Editor which looks very similar to MS Word editor and overall its an awesome service.

Send Anonymous Email

This is the third and undoubtedly the easiest of above three. You can also specify the sender’s address, plus a “purported” point of origin for your secret message. If you are looking for simplicity this is your service. Here again the IP is also logged, so we again put on alert and advised to not do anything then you can repent.

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