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Send Attachments via Gmail, Yahoo, Google Apps, etc from right click Context Menu

The Right click context menu option to Send to Mail Recipient was almost useless for me till today. The reason behind is that it is configured to send mail attachments using Outlook but email is web-based today and Windows is still restricting you to use just one mail application. But now, you can send any File as attachment via Gmail, Yahoo!, Google Apps, Windows Live Mail and more.

Affixa is a small utility which can integrate other mail services on Windows easily. Many applications today allow you to send the documents, Photos and other files as Email attachment, like WinRAR or Microsoft Office. Using Affixa, it is possible to send any file attachment to the specified mail service. It configures the default mail application to be something different from Outlook.

send attachments gmail from desktop

I tested it with Gmail and the results were fine. After attachment is uploaded your mail servers, you have to check Drafts Folder logging in via browser. This draft mail can be further edited or sent directly to the mail recipient.

The program comes in two versions: Free and Paid version. Only limitation in Free version is that it allows you to add only one account while you can upgrade anytime to get unlimited accounts on Affixa by paying just £2.00 per year.

Download Affixa

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Paul - July 21, 2010

It is true that it is a great idea, personally I think there should be an official plugin by Google even.

But Affixa is so slow compiling the email that it is no joy using it.

It’s a shame and maybe it’s only me, but like this the app is unusable for me 🙁


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