Send Unlimited Fax Documents Free to Any Phone in US

Fax isn’t part of daily life as compared to Emails and Mobile Phones. Apart from corporate use, we hardly use Fax for general purpose. So, instead of getting yourself a Fax machine, use the power of Internet to send free Fax Online to US and many other countries.

Since, the shut down of, there haven’t been any completely free service to send fax online to any Phone number. Still, I found some options available which will let you send faxes for free online to US.

Send Free Fax anywhere in World From Google Drive

Google Drive in association with HelloFax is allowing to send free fax online to anywhere in the World. With a limit of 50 pages per month and unlimited signatures, you can send any document as fax from HelloFax for free till the end of this year 2012.

You just need to sign in HelloFax using Google Account and then install their Chrome App to begin sending fax.


[alert-note] You can send any document as fax from HelloFax for free till the end of this year 2012 [/alert-note]


MyFax Free

This is a part of promotional activity of premier Faxing service- MyFax. Visit MyFax Free and fill out details to send fax for free. Supported files types include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TIF, GIF, JPEG, etc. Not just United States but also, there are around 40 countries where you can send Free fax online using MyFax service.

Send Free Fax to US Online

After filling up details, you will receive confirmation link in email without which your free fax request won’t be processed.

Another Free Fax Alternatives

We will see options only which allow to send free fax to US and Canada:

  1. SendFreeFax
  2. GotFreeFax
  3. FaxZero (Include Ads on Pages)
  4. PamFax is another service which lets you send 3 Pages as Fax for Free on signup. This could be useful if you are going to use for just one time transaction like sending application to university in foreign country.

Free online Faxing services can also be used while sending DMCA notice to Web Hosting service where spammer’s site is hosted located in United States. Anyhow, if your use of Fax is occasional so, even signing up for Free trial account is beneficial which needs no contract or no credit cards.

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lumina - September 15, 2008

You may send 500 faxes simultaneously form your mail account with Service.

cwxwwwxdfvwwxwx - December 24, 2008

well, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

jack - March 2, 2009


Nice information to send a fax online ……….

Many people prefer to choose online fax than using a fax machine for daily fax communications.

I am using a free fax service from which is easy to send fax anywhere in US and Canada for free of cost.

arama - April 15, 2009

In the current competitive corporate world, to stay at the top of the latest technology is a way for many companies to remain competitive. One of the latest technology that influent directly the running of the nowadays business is Internet Fax service.


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