WeTransfer Sends Files upto 2 GB Free without Registration to 20 people

If you spend lots of time online, you must notice the limitation in size in case of file transfer through email. Gmail allows a maximum of 25MB in size per file as an attachment while Hotmail provides 50MB per file. But, if the file is larger than that, what will you do? Try WeTransfer.

We have already seen 9 free File uploading Web service and here’s another one called WeTransfer which lets you send big files (up to 2 GB) over the web. It’s totally free and there is no need to register either. You can send the file up to twenty people at a time. If you want to send the file to more people, you don’t have to upload it again.

WeTransfer Application

WeTransfer works at an optimized speed according to your internet connection. It scans the uploaded files before storing on its server. So, there is no chance of unwanted spam at the receiving end. It supports almost all the known file types. The recipient will get the zipped format. But, if you upload a single file, it won’t be zipped anymore.

File Transfer Process

After successful transfer of the file, an email is forwarded to your account. If it fails, you will be notified too. There will be a “Download” button in the email sent to the recipient. After clicking the button, he will be led to WeTransfer’s site from where he can download the file. You can also download the file yourself. These files are available for two weeks.

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Whiztechy - July 7, 2010

I am using WeTransfer and the best part about this free online tool is that you can share with many friends simultaneously. It saves my lot of time.

Aron - July 8, 2010

I am going to give it a try…thanks for the post

sushant - October 11, 2010

thank you it works. no need to upload and download from oher pc

nicky - February 7, 2011

thanks a lot ………….


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