Send Files to any Storage Location from Send To Context Menu

It is always preferred to work with shortcuts and few mouse clicks. Earlier we covered File Bucket which allows you to create a list of files and folders from various locations to be copied, moved or deleted later.

If you are not satisfied with the send to menu in sending files to other locations then Send To Other Location is a handy application at your help.

Send To Other Location is a portable freeware application that integrates with send to context menu. It is easy to use and can be accessed by right clicking on any application or file in windows that you want to copy or move to other location.

You can select the destination of files, choose operation to be performed i.e copy or move and also create file shortcuts to the desired destination. This application maintains history of all transactions made and hence can be useful to view and find out your file transfers later.This comes in handy when you forgot the location where you copied the file.

Is this application Useful?

Well, I would say this is a must have application for all users who copy dozens of documents and multimedia files a day. It helps in keeping things organized and well into your knowledge. It can has no side effects of slowing down older system as it is a simple and tiny application that just integrates into windows shell.


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