Send And Receive SMS From Computer Using Your Mobile Number & Network

While working, How many times you hated to unlock Mobile phone to read SMS? And then wished if you could just read it on computer itself and reply. Well, that’s possible now. Comfort of typing SMS using Desktop keyboard instead of touchscreen is here. All you need is an application called mySMS.

Yes, Text anywhere to anyone using Computer just like your smartphone. Ideal solution for people who work most of the time on computers like me. To do that, install mySMS on devices from where you want to send and receive SMS.

Good thing is mySMS is a chrome app for browser so, I don’t have to keep running any software. mySMS has a chrome app and browser is open most of the time. So, whenever phone beeps, I just have to open Chrome app and read/reply SMS from computer. In case, if you don’t mind keeping open one tab of app, then you will get notification on computer too.

mysms app interface

How mySMS app works?

mySMS app has to be installed on smartphone as well as Chrome browser. Register mobile phone and login on both platforms using the same username and password to authenticate.

Once authenticated, chrome app will sync all messages and contacts from phone. From now on, all the activities of messages will be automatically synced at regular intervals.

mysms notifications

[alert-note]Get Android Mobile Notifications on Computer[/alert-note]

Syncing means, if a SMS is receive on phone, it will automatically appear on Chrome app. And any SMS deleted from chrome app will reflect in phone memory too.

When you send– Compose SMS on computer and select the recipient. Click Send button and this SMS will be automatically composed on phone and sent. You also get a delivery report notification on desktop.

Note 1: I only mentioned about Chrome app but mySMS can be installed on almost any device- Windows Phone, Computer, Android, iPhone, OS X, Chrome and more. Procedure however remains same.

Note 2: Both devices have to be connected to Internet. These days, smartphones have 24/7 data connection so, not a big deal.

Initially, we covered Remote Android management software which had SMS feature as one of the module but that required program always open.

Is it like Whatsapp? Not exactly but can be used as Whatsapp. Actually it is more than Whatsapp. It supports free messaging to the user using mySMS.

Full fledged SMS App for Android with additional feature of allowing messaging from another device or computer.

Can be used as SMS Backup tool- As I said, it syncs SMS from mobile phone, you dont have to worry about losing SMS while formatting or flashing custom ROM in case of Android. You can get back all SMS on next sync.

One thing you have take in consideration that when mySMS app is running as background page on Chrome it eats up to 40-50 MB of memory.

Also, take care of privacy. Once authenticated, Chrome app doesn’t ask for password so, use it only on personal computer. Else, anyone will be able to to send SMS on behalf of you using your phone number.

Visit mySMS and start using it now!

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S running Android 4.2 Jellybean.

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