Send Secret message to your feed subscribers

Many Bloggers wants to send some message to their feed readers. It may be a notification, asking for suggestions or simply want to run competition or contest on your blog. This trick can be useful for such bloggers.

Here are the steps to be followed in order to perform this trick. This trick works on all software platforms. Then let it be Blogger, WordPress, Typepad or any other, so no problem.

1. Insert the following code in your HTML head of template/theme.

find </head> inside your theme/template, and replace with this code below.

<style type=”text/css”>

.hello-feedreader {display:none;}



Save Your Template/Theme and you are done.

2. Now each time, when you want to send secret message to your feed readers, you will need to wrap your message inside <div> <span> or <p> with hello-feedreader class.

Example :

This is your post, people can read this post on your blog. every people can. then if you want to give your feed readers a secret message, just wrap it with a class hello-feedreader. look at this below paragraph, the below paragraph will appears on feed readers or email only.

<div class=’hello-feedreader’>THIS IS THE SECRET MESSAGE, this paragraph will show on feed reader or email only.</div>

Easy trick, isn’t it? Have your comments if you find it useful.
Also, You can use this trick to show Ads or some useful links instead of secret message.
Common guys, show your creativity and comment where did you implement it.

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TechPavan - March 15, 2008

Nice tip, never seen anywhere….. its really good, digged….

Rohit Langde - March 15, 2008

Hi Pavan,
Thanks for digging this post.
Keep Visiting.

ameo - July 11, 2008

I’ve always loved these Css tweaks , really good tip , and will for sure help many people do more interaction with their subscribers

Luke Zet - July 11, 2008

Thank you very much. Never seen something so useful before. 😉

moserw - August 4, 2008

This sounds very interesting. Will try it out and play around with it.

ordersomabuyg - September 21, 2008

Wow Cool !
Super Man
Nice Site


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