Set Bing Images as Android Wallpaper Daily and Automatically

Bing, apart from search engine comes up with scenic backgrounds. We have already learned how to set Daily Bing images as Wallpaper on Windows Desktop. Here’s how to set Daily Bing images as Android Wallpaper automatically.

Bing Daily Wallpaper is an app solution for Android which can fetch Bing images from Internet, show you complete gallery and set today’s image as Wallpaper automatically. Also, it can do this automatically on daily basis whenever Bing Image RSS is updated.

Set Bing Daily Images a Android Wallpaper


  • Access and download Bing’s daily wallpapers
  • Save images to use them as your Android wallpaper
  • Read comments on wallpaper images
  • Share images via e-mail or your favorite social networking site
  • Recall and view your download history
  • Set as wallpaper automatically
  • Background run
[alert-warning]At first run, App was unable to set wallpaper and instead black screen appeared in background. Keep the Data connection open and Enable “Wallpaper Automatic changer” and “Background Service. You will notice that Wallpaper is updated after sometime.[/alert-warning] [button-green url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”]¬†Download Daily Bing Wallpaper [/button-green] [clear]

Automate Wallpaper Changing on Android

The above app fetches image from Bing but after using them for a week, I realized that not all of the images are beautiful. Maybe not suitable for Android Wallpaper. So, instead I found a solution to set automatic wallpaper changing on Android with images of my choice.

I used Zedge, the best Wallpaper resource for mobile devices known. Download the best and awesome wallpaper for your device resolution and rotate them as wallpaper automatically.

Go to Settings >> Auto Update Wallpaper >> Select Update Interval (Daily / 12 Hours / Hourly). That’s it.

Automate wallpaper change on Zedge Android

[button-green url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”]¬†Download Zedge [/button-green] [clear]

If you don’t want take out time for changing wallpaper and still enjoy fresh screen background daily, these apps are must install and relax!

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