How to Set Default App in Windows 8 or Change File Association

Default app is the program with which a file will open on double click. For example: if you double click on a MP3 file and Windows Media Player opens then it is a default app for MP3 file type. If you don’t like that program, default app for a file type can be changed.

As an example, Windows Media player can play Video files but I want VLC to open them. Then, file association has to be changed from WMP to VLC.

Learn to change or set default app for a file type in Windows 8.

First Method

Right Click on File and select Open With followed by Choose Default Program. Dialog box will open from which you can select the default app. If the app you desire isn’t in the list, choose More Options.

default program file type windows-8

That’s it. From now on, that file type will open with selected app on double click.

Second Method

Go to Charms bar and use the Search button. Type “Programs” in text box and select “Default Programs” from the list on left side.

New window will open and from there, select first option- “Set Default Programs”.

change default program windows-8

From here, you can choose to either associate certain file types with programs or list all of the programs available and set specific ones as defaults for all of the file types it can open.

Alternatively, you can also choose Set File Association and select program for specific file extension.

change file association windows-8

Third Method

Right Click on the File and access its Properties. From here, you can change the program to Open with.

set default programs windows-8

If you aren’t sure about which app to choose to open file with then use Universal Viewer to display almost any file type.

All the methods listed above are easy but I would still prefer using first one. Because, it is easier to find the program for a file type and steps involved are less.

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