Share 3G / EDGE / GPRS via Wi-Fi with other devices on Samsung Galaxy S

Creating a Wi-Fi Hot Spot can share your 3G / EDGE or GPRS network with other devices in range and many Smartphones have this feature inbuilt or via 3rd Party App. Samsung Galaxy S i9000 has a feature called Mobile AP which allows you to share 3G or GPRS connection network with Wi-Fi devices.

How to share 3G / GPRS via Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy S i9000?

Go to Settings >> Wireless and Network >> Mobile AP settings

Check the box in front of Mobile AP. Now, Phone will try to connect to Packet Data services and give you further instructions on screen.

Share 3G GPRS vis Wi-Fi

Now search for Wi-Fi network on your devices (Mobile / Laptop) and connect to Galaxy S_6261 (in my case) using the WPA key given above.

Share 3G GPRS via Wi-Fi

The accessing speed will ultimately depend on the network you are sharing and it will slow down as the number of devices connected increase.

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Patrick - September 17, 2010

My galaxy s doesnt have that in settings.cant find it a us fone.just got it 3 days agowhats up with that


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