Share Files, Play Games and Chat between two Computers without Internet

Suppose, you are in area without Internet connectivity or any Network but want to share files directly with other Computers or Laptop directly then WiPeer is a fantastic software to do it. WiPeer allows serverless sharing with other laptop computers directly without Internet.

WiPeer can setup wireless Peer to Peer connection between two or more Computers in one click without a need of router or active Internet connection. This gem creates an ad hoc network connection to share files and folders, play Multiplayer Games and Chat with other WiPeer users nearby at work, college or Home.

There may be another alternatives to accomplish this job but the interface of WiPeer and features offered are simply awesome which even a newbie or not so tech-savvy person can understand. Installation is easy and here we go in details of the features offered by WiPeer.

After successful installation, open the program > Choose desired username to Login and Press OK.

Go to Connection options from File Menu and check on “Create New Connection” if you don’t want to use existing connection. It is possible to specify parameters for this new Connection.



We have created an ad hoc network, The user with whom you want to share files should now also be connected to this newly created network.


When the other person also connects his system to the same network, WiPeer will start displaying username in online Tab. Right click on the username and select action to Share Files or Folder.


Another feature is Chatting with connected user. It is similar to popular IM clients and this is useful feature when you are in a seminar or silence zone and not allowed to talk. So, Text chat in such situation is a nice option.

chatting without internet

Multiplayer Gaming is another impressive feature which allows to play games like Chess, Checkers or Reversi. It can be useful if you are attending a boring lecture and want to kill time then play these games against them.

wipeer games

What more! Facebook addon integrated inside helps you to discover friends if they are in nearby area. Also, it can help to make new friends quickly in new campus. Go to Facebook from Adddon menu and Check “Connect to Facebook and inform me when friends are nearby”. When you restart this program, you will be prompted to enter Facebook credentials and allow access to their application and for this, you need active internet connection.

Conclusion: This works seamlessly and all the features offered are just useful for any Laptop user. It is a must install software.

Download WiPeer

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shashank - July 31, 2010

cooll post dude 🙂

Joshua Colins - July 31, 2010

Gday, I found your internet-site through msn due to it came up for “computers” but had issues viewing the web page for some reason. It was giving some sort of error code at the bottom of the page. Just decided I’d let you know.

Shivakar - January 21, 2011

Hey man

i downloaded the software.

I installed it.

Now when i have put my name in the wipeer name box and clicked ok it signs me in.

when I tried to configure it the network configuration window opened.

But i couldn’t enable the wireless.

It is not making me to do so.

it is printing light font.

What should I do ???????????

Rohit Kumar Bilung - March 13, 2014

plzzzz suggest me a site to download wipeer


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