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How to Share PC’s Wired Internet Connection by Creating WiFi Hotspot on Windows 7

If you have a wired high speed internet connection on your system then you might wish to share your internet connection with other people present near you. This can only be done by sharing your internet connection through your systems wifi so that other people can access it simultaneously. Without any third party application it is not easy to create or manage a  wifi hotspot. Virtual Router Manager helps you to solve this easily.

Virtual Router manager is a freeware application that works only on windows 7. It is easy to use and does not require any additional configurations. Only thing you have to do is install this application and set a password. By default Virtual Router Manager uses WEP 2 security so password is mandatory. When you are set with password you have to select the wired connection you are using for accessing internet. Once you are set with these options you can create a hotspot for others to access.

Note: Not all wifi cards are capable of this feature. For details on supported wifi devices click here.

Download Virtual Router Manager (1.01MB)

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Zaheen - March 21, 2011

So you are telling that broadband can be made to wifi for nearby persons by this app……………..
Do i need a wifi card for this in my desktop??????????????

Viks - November 19, 2012

Couldn’t start man… tried a bunch of times… I just wanna use my ipod touch on wifi. Even my adapter supports this, but couldn’t access the hotspots.


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