Sharing Desktop Screen Online was never so easy, Freeware Tool

We often want to share our Computer Screen with other person (may be a friend, relative or client) which can be used to show them a presentation or demonstrate something. There are many software to accomplish this task but they are often Paid and difficult to use. Join.Me is however very simple, Free, fast and easy alternative for it.

Using is dead simple, On their webpage, You get two options- Either Share your screen or see someone Else’s screen.

Sharing Screen Online was never so easy

How to share your Screen with others?

If you want to share your screen, Click on Share which download a small application launcher. On executing this app, you get a random ID which has to be given to a person to enable screen sharing. This is actually a URL [ ] where XXX is a random unique code. When a person on other side, Pastes that URL in address bar of Browser, he will start seeing your screen as a Flash Content.

Sharing Screen Online was never so easy

How to view someone Else’s screen?

Real time screen sharing will make you feel that you all are at same place. You need the unique ID to see other’s screen or the URL shared by him. No need to install any software, just paste the URL in browser to start seeing. You can set your Browser to Full view by pressing F-11 and get Full-screen presentation.

Sharing Screen online easy freeware

One suggested use of this tool can be during lack of a Projector in a Presentation or showing the reports or Assignment to your Batch mates / Colleagues.

So, if you are looking for a simple and free resource through which you can share screens with any number of people without any restriction for unlimited time then Join.Me is one thing to consider.

It is Indeed a special tool dedicated to the screen-sharing made by the developers of LogMeIn, Completely free and usable on Both Windows and Mac OS, thanks to Which , Within A Few clicks and without Any Kind of complication , So You Can share screen of your PC Directly Online.

That We Do Not Simply download the appropriate application Directly from the official page of and then proceed with the installation process on your PC, then We Will not Have to do is invite others to attend ITS sessions resorting to the use of a special link.

The service , Which for the features Offered Is Suitable for use even less of experts , Also offers ITS users a special phone number and a special chat integrated in Such a way as to allow a much Easier and faster communication Between different users , all without spending a penny.

Note: Windows and Mac screen can be shared but to view the screen, you just need a web browser supporting Flash which is irrespective of the operating system.


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