Add Show Desktop button to XP taskbar similar to Windows 7

Show desktop button in Windows 7 is something magical and very comfortable, and we just have to take the mouse at the end of the taskbar and hit the button to minimize everything automatically and get a look desktop. Here’s a small tool which will bring this magic button on Windows XP.

Shwo desktop button in Windows XP

Show Desktop adds the “new” rectangular button at the end of the taskbar besides Clock, and performs it’s main function to show desktop when clicked or hovered. Do I need to say anything more?

Download Show Desktop

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Nuhus - October 10, 2010

We can use ctrl+D. What special feature with this?

Virtual Avatar - October 14, 2010

A real space saver in the task bar, but I seldom use the Show Desktop button because of my sidebar and Rocket Dock. 🙂 Is there any way that when I click the Show desktop, my rocket dock and sidebar still appears?

Chirag - October 28, 2010

what Ctrl+D do???
we can use Win + D to switch to desktop


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