How to Show File size before downloading files on Firefox

We usually want to know the size of file to be downloaded before actually starting download. It helps you to guess genuineness of file or schedule if on limited bandwidth plan. Sadly, There is no native support by Firefox browser for this.

Fortunately, this situation can be easily resolved, however, use is made of Show File Size , a special add-on, among other things, very lightweight, designed precisely to remedy this.

Show File Size download Firefox

Show File Size, in fact, once it comes into action, will display the size for each file that you intend to do is download all pointing directly in the dialog box.

Acting between the settings of the add-on, depending on your needs, each user can decide whether or not to round the size of a given file.

Note that, although, apparently, the matter should be overlooked, knowing the actual size of the file you want to download is an extremely important information to determine the actual timing of downloads and, especially, to avoid incurring social and any issues in which it is easy to stumble and surfing online which you can avoid paying a minimum of care.

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