How to Sign in as Different User on Windows 8 and Show All Accounts

There is a small problem while using Windows 8 with multiple Users. Operating system has a bad habit of logging in the last user automatically forgetting others which makes signing in as different user impossible. Here’s how you can get all user accounts list on Windows 8 startup to choose account to sign in.

Solution lies in changing the DWORD value of a UserSwitch (registry key responsible for it). But Windows 8 reverts back all the changes on reboot or log off. So, we also have to take care of changes made in registry editor.

windows-8 user list

There are two ways to do that. One is simple and lengthy while other is simpler and short. Later one includes the use of CMD file which makes all the changes automatically in one click.

1. Manual: Show All User Accounts on Startup

We disable the Automatic login and check that users always require to enter password to login. Automatic sign in of last user is controlled by the registry key called “UserSwitch” via the DWORD value = “Enabled”.

We change the value data to “Disabled” but problem is Windows forgets these changes on restart. This happens because ownership of this key is with the SYSTEM and not the USER. Though, user has permissions to edit but system reverts it back automatically. Reason why Microsoft did this is unknown.

disable last user automatic sign in Windows 8

To prevent our changes made be flushed away by system, we change the ownership of that registry key to USER ADMIN of Computer from SYSTEM.

To undo the changes made and let Windows 8 sign in last user automatically, change the DWORD Value to “0”.

Source: Eight Forums

2. Automatic: Script to Disable Last User Sign in

This is one click solution.

  1. Download script from WinAero.
  2. Unzip the archive into one folder.
  3. Right click on the DISABLE_automatic_sign_in.cmd file and choose the “Run as Administrator” menu item.

To undo the changes made, Right click on the RESTORE_automatic_sign_in.cmd file and choose the “Run as Administrator” menu item.

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Garth - December 7, 2012

Thanks, Rohit! Gonna try this one. I need it for my brother’s account.

samim - December 9, 2012

Sir, can you please help me to Create a Remote Desktop Connection between two pc through LAN or INTERNET using Windows built in Remote Desktop application( i already successfully tried TeamViewer). Please give me a step by step guide. Win 7 to Win 8 or vice-versa. Thankyou.

avi - July 24, 2013

Thank you so much. it worked well. i was searching this trick since last week & i tried every thing, i found on net but nothing worked. now finally i got the solution. Thanks again. god bless.


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