Sign into Multiple Google Accounts from the Same Browser

Great news for all Google accounts users! Most of us use multiple Google accounts for various purposes. It was very annoying of signing out of one Google account to sign into another. Recently, Google has fixed this issue. Now, you can sign into multiple Google accounts from the same browser.

This new feature works with Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google Sites, Google Code and Gmail. It lets you open multiple Google accounts in multiple tabs simultaneously and perform your required activities.

This new feature is turned off by default. You need to activate it to enjoy the facility. Sign into any of your Google account. Go to the “Personal Settings” area.

Personal Settings Option of Google Account

Enable the “Multiple sign-in” option. Check all the boxes for confirmation. Save changes to finish your job.

Enable Multiple=

You will find a drop-down menu next to your email address at the right-top corner. Use this menu to switch to another account. After enabling this feature, the first account you sign in to, will be your default account.

Switch to Other Google Accounts From Here

This new feature has few limitations too. You will not be able to use offline Gmail and offline Google Calendar once you activate it. It is not available on mobile devices yet.

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Saad Ur rehman - August 7, 2010

wow nice it helps us a lot to sign into multiple google accounts

Shaunak - August 7, 2010

This will really help those with separate gmail work and personal accounts.

Customer Care Rep - August 16, 2010

Wow, I didn’t know this. Sooo glad that they allowed this already since I use multiple accounts on google. It justs wastes time to sign in and out every time.


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