How To Sign Up With Email ID Which Is Already In Use

While creating a new online account, signup form generally throws an error that username already exists or Email is already taken. Though, there is no solution for username (apart from changing) but this article can help you signup using the same email ID which is already in use or taken by another user.

Solution lies in your email ID itself and what all you need is a Gmail ID to make this trick work.

Do you know that your one Gmail ID is equal to unlimited number of email addresses.

This is because Gmail doesn’t care about dots (.) or capital letters in email ID. An email address with dots is same as the one without dots.

For example, if your email ID is, it is same as Any message sent to any of those addresses will land in the same inbox which belongs to you.

umlimited gmail IDs

While signing up for new account, if you see an error saying “email has already been taken”, just add or remove dots from gmail ID and continue signing up.

Reason: Website you are signing up considers and as two different email IDs. So, it lets you create new account with it. Any email notification sent by them reaches the same inbox.

What’s the use?

  • You can create multiple Facebook (or any other) accounts using same Email ID
  • Use the same email ID when old account was banned from service. This generally happens on forums.
  • Continue extending Trial of software when they offer certain period of time per email ID.

Some More Fun Facts About Gmail Address

As I said, Gmail completely ignores any dot (.), it is not only about adding or removing dot. You can create any combination of email addresses by adding/removing dots after any character.

  • =, and so on.

Also, it doesn’t care if the characters are capital or small.

  • =, and so on.

Replace Gmail with Googlemail

  • =

In this way, you can create any number of combinations to generate hundreds of Gmail IDs in seconds without even signing up. Just take care that characters aren’t misspelled.You can refer Gmail support for more information.

For Outlook Email Users

If you are not Gmail user, you can still avoid this error “Email already exists”. For users who upgraded to Outlook from Live ID also have two aliases of their email address. They can use outlook instead of Live in their ID.

  • =

That’s how you can save your time and efforts creating new email account to signup as different user.

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Khalid - November 27, 2012

Good to know the shortcuts

Arup Ghosh - November 28, 2012

Wow ! nice research , don’t had the idea that dots on gmail ids does not matters.

abhi_12ka4 - November 28, 2012

i M using Dot since log but Caps is new 2 me…………

    Rohit Langde - November 28, 2012

    Just a side note, people also confuse with Capital letters in Website URL. Caps don’t even matter there.
    For example: and http://WWW.BLOGSOLUTE.COM opens the same thing 🙂

      Sushil - November 30, 2012

      But some website did not open when we type in capital letters….

Ravi kumar - November 28, 2012

I really enjoyed this useful article post, I did not know about it. Thanks Rohit for such a very good write ups.

I started sending test mail from my email id like, etc

BHARAT - November 28, 2012

thanks,for this interesting and valued fact………….

Gautam - November 28, 2012

we can also use instead of

Varun Gupta - November 28, 2012

but what for those who dnt have “dot” in email in my case..i.e.

    Rohit Langde - November 29, 2012

    It doesn’t matter. Gmail completely ignores them. If your ID doesn’t have dots, add them.

rakesh - November 29, 2012

I had used a name which i was wanted to use it again but that time i wasn’t know about this trick. Thanks Rohit.

Varun Gupta - November 29, 2012

ohh cool..will try

Shyam Sundar Roy - December 4, 2012

i have gmail acount with name
i tried
and i also try more then 9 different place of dot but only one massage to me that is
Someone already has that username. Try another?

    Rohit Langde - December 5, 2012

    Where did you try registering? They might have added a filter.
    Try @goooglemail, It will surely work.

Jus - December 13, 2012

Thanks for sharing this really useful hack!

saurabh vicky - December 28, 2012

Already know this trick n fooled many sites

Vijay Kudal - January 7, 2013

U forgot
use of plus sign
u can have unlimited email then

Sai Kumar - January 8, 2013

Hi Rohit, Great Trick bro. I will try out for sure and Thanks a lot for sharing!


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