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Simple way to Write Symbols in Notepad or MS-word Using Shortcut Keys

If you are creating a document and you want to insert symbols, then how will you write it?  Many of may say using Insert menu and then symbols. But, you will have to search for that symbol and then do it. This trick is however not possible in Notepad files.

Here’s a simple way to write any symbol using shortcut keys, i.e. Alt key + calculator number = Symbol

List of commonly used symbols with values is given here. So, try it!

The List shows just the values (number); you have to press ALT key and then these numbers on Keyboard.

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Rajaie AlKorani - July 11, 2008

If you are writing a webpage, you can also use HTML to show those characters.

Rohit - July 11, 2008

Yep, I agree. But, If you are writing for presentation or desktop document purpose then, this is useful.

ameo - July 20, 2008

this is really good ,
i didn’t knew how to do that in notepad ..
i tried it and it does did a good work .

p.s check on the image , it doesn’t work with me !

Rohit - July 21, 2008

@ ameo,
Image is working now. Actually, I have lost all images in fact wp-content folder was deleted by mistake during upgrade to 2.6.1.

Tona - March 23, 2009

Always good quality info from this site!

Traffic - April 1, 2009

This is the way things should be, get off what we are on now

Samantha - April 13, 2009

Anybody know if I wanted to bookmark your blog do I have to set-up an account for Facebook?

thats not working.. - July 10, 2009

whenever i press alt the windows menu will pop up

    Rohit Langde - July 10, 2009

    @thats not working.., Are u mistaken with Alt and Windows button? OR do you have some software installed for that behavior?

Roger Thomas - August 30, 2009

Well researched site! Can you recommend any forums I could join to learn more? Thanks

Anoop - November 2, 2012

good..!!! but i need more symbols


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