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Skip Adf.ly, Linkbucks & Other Redirection Ads Automatically on Chrome and Firefox

Annoying Advertisements on web are not just limited to Pop-Ups and Surveys but there is another form called URL Shortners. They actually hide the original Link and do not take you directly there. Instead you have to visit some landing page full of Advertisement and then the desired page.

Mostly used by websites serving free downloads where actual download link is shortened. Ad blocking plugin often fails to skip and bypass them so, we need special solution for bypassing

Redirection Helper is a userscript which can skip the ads automatically on these landing pages and try to prevent ads from appearing on certain image hosting sites.

As said on official webpage, it can:

  1. Skip the redirection of linkbucks, adf.ly, lnk.co, etc.
  2. Remove annoying ads or mask, like imageporter, imagevenue, turboimagehost and so on.
  3. Turn to actual hyperlink for alabout.com and alafs.com.
  4. Suited for Firefox (with both of GreaseMonkey and Scriptish) and Google Chrome.

How to Install Redirection Page Ads Remover Script

For Firefox users, you need Greasemonkey addon installed while Google Chrome users can directly click on “Install” button given on the RedirectionHelper page.

Once installed, you don’t have to do anything. It automatically detects the website and takes desired action without your consent. Just when the landing page opens, you automatically get redirected to desired download link page without doing anything.

Sites Which Automatically redirect:

  • adf.ly 
  • urlcash.net
  • linkbee.com 
  • lnk.co
  • pushba.com

Remove ads mask from:

  • turboimagehost.com
  • imagevenue.com
  • imageporter.com
  • imagedunk.com
  • imageswitch.com 
  • picleet.com
  • picturedip.com
  • pixhost.org

List mentioned above is of only popular site while the actual list of supported list is too long.

Bottomline is, if you encounter such ad redirects more often while downloading stuffs from internet or see those annoying ads on while seeing screenshot images, then it is must install for you. It will save your time and prevent annoyance. Also, note that if there is download link behind shortened URL, then JDownloader can do it automatically for you.

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srinu smart - June 17, 2012

thanks for the post. ad fly was skipped

Kalju - June 17, 2012

This could be good if there were not so many errors in the script written.
JetBrain Webstorm 4.0.2 gives a total of 121 different fault or defect.
True, there is no danger of direct and nothing really makes this thing too, but it is not recommended for use prior to the removal of errors from this Javascriptit.
It is my opinion and you do not have to take this into account. Decide for yourself what you are doing.

sagar sharma - June 22, 2012

Thanks, it works properly

alien - November 27, 2012



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