Access and Manage Skydrive files from Windows Explorer

Amongst all the Backup storage services available online, I personally prefer Skydrive- not just it is owned by Microsoft but gives you 25GB free storage space per account and a reliable one with cool windows like interface and fast enough.

I always wanted to have a gadget or application which allows you to upload and access Skydrive storage folders from Windows. However, there is no official application but a plugin called SkyDrive Explorer which does exactly same thing. Manage Sky drive online storage folder from Windows explorer with this plugin. You can mount SkyDrive as Local Drive folder on your computer.

After installing, it will add a system folder in My Computer. Just open it and get access to files and Folders stored in your Storage folder by entering your User ID and password. From here, you can do following functions which saves your time and make uploading and downloading tasks simpler.

SkyDrive Login Window

SkyDrive Login Window

  • View the structure and contents of folders in SkyDriveâ„¢;
  • View files information (type, size, creation date in GMT format);
  • Create new root folders and subfolders;
  • Copy files into the storage;
  • Delete files and folders;
  • Copy files from the storage to the computer;
  • Copy folders and subfolders from the storage to the computer keeping their structure;
  • Use Drag & Drop for files operations;
  • Rename files and folders;

skydrive- explorer

My Verdict : It is still in beta stage and claims to work successfully on Windows Vista, 2003, 2008 and Seven. However, when I tried on Window7, it crashes several times but I could perform all the operations stated right from Windows.

Download SkyDrive Explorer

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Sky Drive User - March 19, 2010

Have you looked at Gladinet? It does this for Windows Sky Drive as well as other storage spaces. I’ve been using it without crashes or other problems on Windows 7 for months now. It’s pretty good.

Pressure Washer Guy - August 18, 2010

I appreciate the info. This will be very helpful for anyone needing advice on pressure washing.

Tsais - November 2, 2010

I just checked out Skydrive Explorer.. I’d buy it immediately, if I could trust Microsoft that they don’t f up the skydrive service…

Like they made hotmail delete your account if you didn’t log in for a month… by that, they basically pushed me to move permanently to google mail.

Or like just turning off their Music DRM servers, I still resent them for that.

Finally, the fact that “upgrades” of media player suddenly loose essential capabilities (like cropping black borders off weirdly encoded video)

My trust towards Microsoft being dependable tends towards zero.

So, if I buy this program, I may just have wasted my money – again…

Gladinet seems to be the better option since it supports multiple vendors’ clouds, including skydrive as just one option.


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