Sleep As Android Review: Sleep Time Tracker and Alarm to Wake Up Fresh

I am using Sleep as Android from last few days now as Sleep time tracker, Bedtime calculator and also as a special Alarm clock. It’s an ultimate sleep management android application which tells you time to go to bed and rise in morning to wake up fresh.

Our body follows a certain sleep cycle: It goes from light sleep to deep sleep and occasionally into the REM-sleep where the most memorable dreaming occurs. Each sleep cycle lasts for 90 to 120 minutes. Sleep as Android app makes use of Phone’s sensor (Accelerometer and Gravity) to track body movements and judge the sleep state.

This is plotted on a graph which looks like this:

sleep as android graph

You can also see complete sleep stats and difference between ideal and actual sleep duration in next tab:

sleep as android stats

Difference between Normal Alarm clock app and Sleep as Android– Normal alarm will wake you up at the predefined time irrespective of your sleep’s state. On other hand, Sleep Time Tracker will keep continuous track of your sleep and wake you up only when you are in light sleep. This prevent problems like eyes/head pain in morning and you won’t feel like being waken up forcibly.

Sleep as Android has a Smart Period which is a span of few minutes which is actually a difference between the alarm setup time and waking up time. For example: if you set a smart period of 30 minutes (preferable) and alarm of 7:00 AM then, app will wake you up between 6:45 AM to 7:15 AM when light sleep is detected.

Also, the app has various mind-soothing natural music which can be set as alarm tone. To turn off alarm, you can select various tasks to confirm that you have woken up; Like choose solving an easy math problem or a CAPTCHA.

How it Works

Configure alarm and start sleep tracking from the application. Keep the phone besides you on the mattress where you are sleeping (Don’t Power Off, Screen will dim automatically). Go to sleep and application will plot graph according to your sleep movements and take care that you wake up fresh and have a pleasant morning.

Make sure that battery is completely charged and preferably keep it in Airplane mode. This will not only save battery but also avoid any disturbing call or notification sounds during sleep.

In my tests, 30-35% battery juice was required for 7:30 hours of sleep. But, it may vary from phone to phone so application recommends keeping it plugged all night.

Among other features, there are:

  1. Anti Snoring- You can configure application to record snoring sound or sleep talking. And to prevent it, ask app to vibrate to stop snoring.
  2. Lucid Dreaming– Dreams occur in dream sleep and app can play hypnotic sound when deep sleep is detected. I really couldn’t understand the usability of this feature.
  3. Cloud Backup and Social Sharing– Your sleep graphs can be shared with friends on social web or store it on personal cloud storage. You will require additional addon installed to do this.

sleep as android settings

My Verdict: Sleep as Android is a complete Sleep management application and I am impressed with it completely. Graphs reveal your sleeping pattern which is pretty interesting to study. I won’t mind spending Rs. 99 (or 1.99$) on this useful app.

You can try the trial version which is fully functional for 14 days completely free. After that, you will need Sleep as Android Unlock APK to continue using it.


Download Sleep as Android

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pritam patil - January 18, 2013

Thats amazing info..keep writing !!:)

Ajay - January 18, 2013

I’m still not sure how it works. How does it “detect” your sleep pattern?

    Rohit Langde - January 18, 2013

    Just keep besides yourseld on mattress.
    It is based on the principle that person makes movement more when in light sleep while he is steady during deep sleep state.
    Sensor detects smallest movement and accordingly graph is plotted.

      Ajay - January 18, 2013

      Interesting concept. Though I am sure if I keep my Nexus 7 next to my mattress, my wife is going to make me sleep on the couch!

        Rohit Langde - January 19, 2013

        I think, it should work on Couch too but then maybe you have to sleep on it. 😛

Sai Suresh - January 22, 2013

Wow..unique application,have to try this for sure..:)

But keeping smartphone on the mattress while sleeping may cause some sort of disturbance due to radiation….


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