Small useful Reminder utility for Windows

All those who work continuously on Computer certainly need some break to relax their nerves. Big Stretch is a free small reminder tool which reminds you to take a break to avoid strain, Not only to take break but also you can use it for getting notification for some important work.

Small Reminder Program

We generally have no idea of Time while working on Computer, passing time on Social networks so, it can be helpful. Personally, I was searching for similar application to remind me about more important work. I used to use Windows Sticky Notes for this to keep track of To Do’s of the day but that doesn’t prompts you.

Reminder Utility

Big Stretch RSI can notify with random Health tips or you can customize the Reminder after specific interval. It sits in the tray icon and tray notification appears as per settings.

Download Big Stretch Reminder Program

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Ankita - June 11, 2010

Nice post. Really Informative.

Great Blog.

    Rohit Langde - June 12, 2010

    Thanks and I am glad that you liked it 🙂


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