3 Plugins to Add Snow flakes Christmas effects on WordPress Blog

Its month of Christmas, snow and tons of guides. How about adding some festive feeling to your WordPress blog? With these mentioned plugins you will be able to add snow, balloons and other effects on your blog thus greeting Merry Christmas to your readers.

Add Snow, Balloons and More to WordPress


The above plugin will allow you to add falling snowflakes effect to your WordPress blog. Users can also add extra features such as floating leaves, balloons and water droplets. The plugin allows you to manage number of snowflakes and other items. Users can also limit the cool animation to specific posts and pages.

Download Snow, Balloon and more Plugin

WP Christmas Plugin


The plugin simply displays snowflakes and two sweet Christmas snow man wishing all your readers Merry Christmas. The plugin will come to action as soon as you upload and activate the plugin and has no configuration page.

Download WP Christmas Plugin

Snow Storm WordPress Plugin

If you want to keep things simple you can opt for Snow Storm. It only adds falling snow effect to your blog. There is no configuration page hence the density of the density of the snow flakes can not be controlled.

Download Snow Storm WordPress plugin

So go ahead and greet your readers Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in style.

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Anish K.S - December 6, 2010

Cool buddy, advanced xmas wishes to all 🙂

    Rohit Langde - December 9, 2010

    Thanks Anish, Same to you 🙂

vishki - December 6, 2010

thats cool. I’ll try one of these on my blog.

Sahithya - December 14, 2010

Niice!.. will definitely try it out! 🙂


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