6 Software To Beautify Windows Desktop and Make it More Productive

Custom Beautification and at the same time making Windows Desktop more productive while working is a great combination. We already have seen many Customization software for Windows and here is another awesome list.

I recently tested out some of desktop customization applications, which were amazing and quite handy as I barely use these kinds of applications. I am among those people who love it plain and simple, but some of the applications which I tested could ease you desktop accessibility.

So I present to you some of the desktop customization application that I recently tested.


If you desktop have many shortcuts of application and software, and the task of finding an application is quite hefty for you, then Fences is the application which you are looking for. Fences give you the ability to sort your desktop shortcuts according to your needs.

It provides you with the option to either create your own fences or let it create for you. This application actually fights the battle of finding application shortcuts on your desktop screen for you. Β It even gives you the option to drag and drop shortcuts anywhere and you can even resize the fences. If I have to rate this application it would be definitely be 5.



Download Fences

Google Desktop

Google desktop is a small and simple application that gives you the ability to search the internet from your desktop, weather forecasts, RSS feeds, regularly updated status of your email, and it even indexes you hard drive like it indexes the web and returns your search results like Google Website. The interface of Google Desktop is somewhat like your Windows 7 gadgets. This is also one of my favorite application that I have recently used.


Download Google Desktop


Dexpot is an application that gives you the ability of having about 20 workspaces. You can use these workspaces for different tasks, say for example, desktop1 is for chatting, desktop2 is for listening to music, desktop 3 for surfing, and so on.



Download Dexpot


It is a dock application which has Mac OS like interface. It even has various docklets that gives you information regarding weather, time, and much more. It provides an easy access to your most used shortcuts and acts as a taskbar replacement.


Download ObjectDock

Sunrise Seven:

Sunrise Seven is application which unleashes the hidden features of your current OS. It add options like Copy To Folder, Move To Folder, Encrypt, Decrypt, Open in Notepad, and much more. you can remove notifications like Low Disc Space.

sunrise seven

Download Sunrise Seven


YoWindow is a desktop application which gives you the live weather forecast of you current location on your desktop itself. It give information regarding, wind, pressure, and humidity. The background keeps changing with time. It’s kind of fun to look at the weather πŸ˜€

Download YoWindow


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Antony Pratap (Free Online Tips) - September 27, 2011

It’s sad that Google Desktop is gonna be shelved though πŸ™

sumeet - September 27, 2011

thanks a lot !

Sahil Kotak - September 30, 2011

Great list, I was looking for this software lists before a couple of days as I was bored of Windows XP now. Object Dock is surely the best and I am gonna try it just now.



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