Solution : Which Codecs should I install

I imagine that readers of this blog are many who like myself are fans of downloading videos from the Internet, especially series and movies. And I happen to me also that to happen very occasionally we find those who can not play videos because they are recorded with some weird codec half or rather not so popular.

Till Today, the solution had proved that I was installing the full pack of K-lite codecs and you deal with that 99% of the problems with codecs, but by Murphy’s Law– You always find videos just entering the remaining 1% and For those cases which I present my best work for me which codecs I need to know: it’s MediaInfo. A small program that tells us about the codecs needed to play a video with just drag the video in question to the application and tells us where we can download.

MediaInfo Screenshot

MediaInfo Screenshot

What all you can do :

  • Read many video and audio file formats
  • Different methods of viewing information (text, sheet, tree, HTML…)
  • You can customise these views
  • Exporting information as text, CSV, HTML…
  • Graphical Interface, Command Line, or DLL
  • Integration with MS-Windows shell (drag ‘n’ drop, and Context menu)
  • Internationalisation: Any language display on any version of your operating system

Download MediaInfo

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