Sort and Organize Files On Computer with Digital Janitor

With the use of internet every day we keep downloading different types of files, with different download managers saving them in different locations and rarely get time to arrange them later. This results in a total chaos situation later when we are in search of a particular file. This even applies to general files on our computers. This problem can be solved upto a great extent using Digital Janitor.

Digital Janitor is a free, light weight and efficient utility that can perform these jobs for you. File Extensions defines type of files like PPT for powerpoint presentations or JPG for an image and so on. So, rather than  doing it manually one by one, you can set command to do this using file organizing software.

How Digital Janitor helps you

Using this utility is simple as it has a single window. It requires information from you in two division. The folder where you have all unorganized file types, where u want to keep the different file types. You can place different file types in different folders in different specified folders. Just type the file extension types like exe, rar, mp3, mov etc.


Basic use of this utility is very easy. While using it I observed that files directly inside a folder are separated and organized but if you have a sub folder inside the folder, files inside it are untouched. Inspite of this fact using Digital Janitor is highly recommended as it will save your precious time.

Download Digital Janitor.

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Dan - January 16, 2010

search “RoboBasket” in google you will find a more powerful app which can automatically sort files based on user created rules. You can automatically move, copy, delete, rename your files based on its name, extension, file size, date, mp3 tag and more other attributes.

    Sourojit Nandi - January 16, 2010

    Thanks for the information..


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