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Speaktoit: Perfect Personal Assistant For Android With Voice Command [App Of The Week]

Personal Assistants for Smartphone are taking the big leap. Last year it’s all the fuss about Siri! We heard it a lot, seen on the internet and amazed with the concept. Right now, idea cellular (India) promoting their phones with some Personal Assistant app pre installed on their flagship phones.

So, Personal Assistant on phones is the new big thing in this area but Siri takes over in all the apps in innovation and in excellence too. But before Siri came into market in iPhone’s, there was a personal assistant available on Android named Speaktoit.


Speaktoit is an app like Siri and works very well on android phones. Speaktoit makers gave it a slogan as your personal assistant and yes it is! Just talk to it and it will work wonders. With Speaktoit, you can simply have chat with her or even ask for direction to surf web and open apps etc and all with voice command. Speaktoit works on different Skills like:


  • Talk– General Topics, about it, best dialogue situations (like praising her, asking about self, etc.)
  • Find– Information, Stock info, IMDB, Music, Amazon, Weather Forecast, Images, News, Maps, etc.
  • Navigate– Places and home, Call phone, etc.
  • Send– SMS and Mails
  • Update– Tweets, Facebook and Foursquare check-ins
  • Play– Music, Videos
  • Tell about– Things around you, People, Places
  • Organize– Events, Notes, Alarm, Tasks
  • Open– Web and apps
  • Translate
  • Calculate, etc. Etc.

Download Speaktoit

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Mohammad farooq - May 27, 2012

Good write up. Glad to know there is an app like dat.


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