Spruce up Alt + Tab Display Settings in Vista and Windows 7

When you are working on many windows one at a time, it really takes time to switch between one window to other selecting from the taskbar. Alt + Tab is a smart and quick way to jump from one window to other. The default looks of the alt + tab window can tweaked using Alt+ Tab Tuner.

It is a small, free and portable application that can be used to  reconfigure the structure of Alt + Tab with respect to margin settings, thumb grid, spacing among icons, icon size and positioning, thumbnail, transparency of Alt + Tab display and transition time. You can also switch to classic Alt + Tab view any time.

If you do not like the settings that you made, there is also a restore default option that will restore its default settings. It does not require rebooting your system for applying the changes, but if you change its looks to classic mode then to restore it’s default transparent looks you have to disable classic looks and log off and log in once for the effect to take place.

Download: Alt + Tab Tuner

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Brian Hughes - May 9, 2010

Windows Vista is good but it can hog your CPU and Memory.”;:


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