How To Stop Spamming on Facebook Friends and Timeline

Facebook Spam No One Likes

Stopping Spam on Facebook Timeline is a need of hour. Social Network is widely exploited in various ways to spread spam but the fact is we are responsible for it. So, stop acting as spam agents and stop spamming on Facebook Friends and Timeline.

From my Facebook Experience, I have compiled some common ways using which Spam is generally spread.

Facebook App Spam

Apps are the prime source of spamming. Here are some examples of spam on Facebook:

1. Notification Spam: App might send request to all your friends, maybe without your permission.

Facebook Notification Spam

2. Facebook Wall Spam: App will send invite or share some link on Friend’s wall.

Facebook Wall Spam

Facebook Applications are built by people like you and me. So, Facebook isn’t responsible for everything that happens between you and app. Trusting blindly on all apps would be a mistake and hence preliminary care should be taken to avoid sorry at later stage.

Facebook cares about its user base and hence offers some actions which has to be to optionally taken by you in order to avoid spam. Whenever you use any app, you need to first authorize it and then start using it.

Stop Spamming Facebook Timeline

Here’s a checklist which you should always go through:

1. Who are Using it?

Maybe zillions of people are using it but check out how many of your friends are using it. More specifically “Who they are?”. If someone who you believe or you think is tech-savvy and decisive enough to judge apps then that adds to trust factor of app.

2. What Information you are giving out to this App?

Generally includes Basic info like name, profile picture and other things that you have made public. But look out for more. Some apps could dig out your more information like Phone number, Email ID, Birthdays, etc.

3. Who can see what this app posts?

After checking out first two steps, if you are somewhat convinced to use any app, this is an important step. Mainly because, here you are permitting app to publish and post something on your timeline on your behalf (maybe without your consent).

So, control who could see what this app posts on timeline. It is recommended to use Privacy setting as “Me” because even if app posts something, you will get to know and good thing it will be visible to only yourself.

Facebook App Spam Post

This you could come to know how culprit your app is. Notice the slant lines around the box which signifies post is only visible to me. So, even this app tried to post spam on my timeline, my friends didn’t get harmed.

Irrelevant Photo Tagging

Enough of blaming apps for spam, sometimes our stupidity also leads to spam. People keep on tagging their friends in an irrelevant photos and the reasons are:

  1. They want to send wishes for an occasion (might be Christmas).
  2. Want to show off something they bought or something hilarious they did.
  3. They want you to notice and read.
  4. They just want to increase number of Likes.

In reality, what you get is bulk notification about the comments on a photo in which you weren’t even present.

If you are the one who is doing it then here are alternative solutions:

  1. Send Them a Message.
  2. Write on their wall.
  3. Tag then in Comments. (This doesn’t send notification for each activity)
  4. Make your post “Like”worthy.

If you are victim of photo tags then:

  1. Go to Photo and remove your tag instantly. This will save you from further notifications and also spamming timeline.
  2. Change Tagging options from Privacy Settings.
    Facebook Tagging Settings

These settings will let your friends tag you but you will only see what they have tagged. Also, you can setup Review Tags before they are actually visible to everyone. This would prevent from irrelevant tag and photo tag will be only where you are actually present in photo.

I hope you will act like a good friend and help in stopping spam on Facebook Timeline.

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Ajay - September 6, 2012

One important point is that people need to understand that when they randomly start clicking weird applications and sharing their information, their setting themselves up for spam!

    Rohit Langde - September 6, 2012

    Even if they do, take care that spam is restricted to their timeline only and do not interfere others 🙂


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