Use Free Email account Space to Store Files, Share and Sync on Windows

Many alternatives have been developed to store files remotely including File Sharing Hosts, etc. Even Email accounts today have unlimited space which is not completely utilized in most of the cases. What can be more safe storage space than email account to store your files completely free!

SharedSafe is a good alternative windows tool which can send and store files in your email account by linking any folder. This free application can be configured with any email services simply by using IMAP protocol. Here is how it is done:

Install the application and configure email (For example: I am testing it with Gmail) and Password. Also, specify the folder you want to sync with the storage space. You can link as may folder you want afterwards using context menu option.

Store Files in Email account space

Probe your email and after successful probing, Click on “Create Safe and link to Folder”.

Send and Store Files on Email Account space

To send any file to email account space. Copy the file to the linked folder and it will be automatically sent and stored. In the Gmail account, there will be a new label created with the name of that folder. And the files are stored as email attachment in encrypted form.

Send and Store Files on Email Account space

You can customize “Send to” right click context menu and add the linked folder to make job easier. This is probably best utilization of email account space and make most out of it without paying anything, secured and safe too!

Download SharedSafe

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Titu Saha - November 19, 2010

Rohit, you are cooler that you know. You don’t know how much i like your blog. I also have a blog please visit my blog if you get the chance.

    Rohit Langde - November 19, 2010

    Thanks Titu 🙂

Nihar - November 26, 2010

Great find dude.

Thanks for sharing this.


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