Streaming Music Mobile App- 4Music to Search and Stream Songs on 4Shared

4shared is a popular file storage and file sharing service which provides 10GB space in free account. For Android Mobile users, they introduced 4Shared Music application to search / stream Music stored in your account and uploaded by other 4shared users.

Android 4shared Music 4music

Till now, it was available for iPhone users only but now appeared in Android Market too. 4shared Music makes it possible to gain access to your music library anywhere. What all you need is 4shared account, if you don’t have, app itself allows to create one.

Once account created, you will be shown the music already uploaded to your account. if you don’t have any song uploaded, use the search bar above to find the song you like and that can be played just by tapping.

4shared Music Song Search

Music Playlists can also be created by long tapping on any Music File and pressing “Add to Playlist”. The Playlist so created is attached to your account and can be accessed from now on. Note that the Playlists created are counted as uploaded file in your account and fits in the free 10 GB space you got with the account. Not just adding to Playlist but the audio file can be also shared on Social web by long tapping the file.
4music Song Streaming

4shared Music – Free alternative to Grooveshark

Grooveshark is one of the most popular application for Android Mobile phones to stream Music but it requires premium account. Moreover, the official app has been recently kicked out of Android Market. So, 4shared, though not so sophisticated like Grooveshark but obviously a free alternative to fulfill your Music thirst.

Managing MP3 Songs on 4shared Music App

4shared Music app stream MP3 songs and the Music storage folder can also be accessed through desktop web browser by logging in to All Songs are stored in 4music folder in root directory of your account.

4shared Music Mobile App Free download

4shared Music is available for iPhone / iPod (any iOS devices) and Android Mobile Devices. Download 4shared Music apk from Android Market and for iPhones, it is no more available in App stores so find alternatives (which you know very well 🙂 )

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