How To Use uTorrent on Dual Boot Windows To Seed and Download Same Torrents

Running two versions of Windows on one system with Dual boot and want to have same uTorrent data on both OS? This article will guide you to download and seed same torrents from dual boot Windows OS keeping data in sync automatically.

For example: You downloaded a Movie via uTorrent on Windows 8 and now when you switch to Windows 7, it will be automatically added to uTorrent installed there and you can continue to seed it automatically.

Or say, You are downloading a bulky software which just went 35% on Windows 7 but now you want to switch to Windows 8. Yes, uTorrent data will be so synced that you can continue remaining download and resume from 35% on Windows 8.

This is made possible by a automated file management tool called Belveder and some configuration settings in uTorrent Preferences.

You may first need to unblock access to torrent sites and unblock torrent site blocked by court case in case, you are unable to download or open those websites.

Create Folder to Store Download Content and .torrent Files

Create a Folder to Store the download content. This can be on any drive and will be shared by both operating systems.
(Say G:\Download)

Create Folders to store .torrent files one for each OS. 

  1. “Torrents-7” to store .torrent files in Windows 7 (G:\Torrents-7)
  2. “Torrents-8” to store .torrent files in Windows 8 (G:\Torrents-8)
  3. “Torrents” (To keep unloaded original .torrent files just in case needed G:\Torrents)

Configure Belvedere to Automate Copying .torrent

Both OSes use separate .torrent file so we have to make sure that we once downloaded torrent should be copied to all 3 folders created. Belvedere can do that automatically for us by correct configuration.

  1. Download Belvedere and Install it on both operating systems.
  2. Open the program and in the first tab “Folders”, click on Plus (+) button to add folder on which operation to be carried out. This is the folder where .torrent file from web browser will be downloaded (C:\Users\Rohit\Downloads) in my case.
  3. Select the Added folder in left pane and click on Plus (+) button under right pane to add new Rule. Fill up as shown below:
    3.1. Description can be anything for your understanding
    3.2. Check on “Enabled” and “Recursive
    3.3. Condition should be “Extension” is “torrent
    3.4. “Copy File” to Folder (.torrent storage location i.e. G:\Torrents-7)
    3.5. Repeat the procedure for “Torrents-8” and “Torrents”
    Copy File Rule in Belveder Settings
  4.  Add rule to delete .torrent file from Download location to avoid too many duplicates. Select “Send to Recycle Bin” with above rules remaining same.
    Delete Rule in Beleveder

You will need to run Beleveder as Administrator for Adding rules.

uTorrent Configuration For Dual Boot

Under Options >> Preferences >> Directories

uTorrent Directory Settings for Dual Boot Windows

  1. Check on Put New Downloads in and enter location where download content from torrents should be stored. (G:\Download in our case)
  2. Check on Automatic load .torrent from and Delete loaded .torrent and enter location of .torrent file storage directory.
    (G:\Torrents-8 for Windows 8 and G:\Torrents-7 for Windows 7 )

Under Options >> Preferences >> General, check on Start uTorrent when Windows start

From now on, just download torrent from any OS and switch to another without worrying. Though the procedure looks lengthy but it is quite easy to follow and you can always ask query by commenting below.

Hope, you did that successfully and now ready to boost uTorrent download speed by 135% by simple configuration tweaks.

Though, we have demonstrated for Windows 8 and Windows 7 but you can use the same trick to use uTorrent on Dual boot for Windows XP and Vista in any combination.

Learn more about Bittorrent and How Torrent Works.

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ajit - June 23, 2012

you can use portable apps of utorrent and operate it from portably (download it from any os dont need to change any setting just insted of download path.

    Rohit Langde - June 23, 2012

    Thanks Ajit for the info. This tutorial too emphasizes on correct download directory.

jason - July 8, 2012

How about syncing between Linux and Windows (duat boot)?

jPush - July 29, 2012

Or Just use uTorrent Portable … Works fine for me ..


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