Synchronise Bookmarks on Google Chrome 4

The latest Dev release Google Chrome 4 has come up with Bookmarks Sync feature and once synchronized will be available on Google Docs from where it can be accessed from any Computer.

The bookmarks synchronized will not be available on Google bookmarks but in Google Docs instead.

How to Enable Sync on Google Chrome

  • You need to have Google Chrome’s Dev Channel which is somewhat buggier and less polished version.
  • Right Click on Desktop Shortcut and go to Properties.
  • Edit the “Target” field by appending –-enable-sync with a space before.

When you start the browser from this shortcut, we will have a new option on the Tools menu (Tools) called Sync My Bookmarks. When you click the screen above, insert your data from Google and start the synchronization process. After this step you can go to Google Docs to see a read-only folder to your bookmarks.
A little trick is that if we import our bookmarks from Google Bookmarks, you can go to the Tools menu (Tools), select Import and options (Import bookmarks and settings) and select Google Toolbar from the list.

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