Synchronize and Backup Files and Folder Portable Freeware

While taking backup of a regularly updated folder to my Portable hard disk, I always had to look in both folders which file is new and which files have to be copied. For this a good synchronization and backup tool can be useful which will compare between two folders and sync them with a click

Zback is a utility to backup and synchronize the contents of two folders with the addition, it does not require installation and fit in a USB drive or flash drive. Zback has enough options to copy files and subfolders from one location to another, synchronize it to be the same version in both locations, and so on.


Also, it has filtering option for carrying out synchronizing operation on specific files according to particular date of creation and size. Moreover, before starting the operation, we have to create a list which is displayed below and then we can make changes if required.

Download: ZBack

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